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You are interested in a dental or implant treatment in Germany?

We will find a suitable solution. We offer latest technologies, made in Germany.  Highly skilled master technicians and German dentists and implant surgeons will solve your problem and create your new and perfect smile. 


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Berlin - Hamburg - Munich - Frankfurt Luebeck - Bocholt - Stuttgart - Kiel - Hannover - Kassel - Saarbruecken - Freiburg - Cologne - Bonn and many other German cities.-

Dental implants including metal free porcelain crown are available from 1.800.- EUR all included.

Free cost- estimates for dental treatments in Germany.

Prices for German Dentistry and Dental Implant Treatment incl. lab-works.

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Dental implant prices average between 1.400 and 3.000 per unit, including dentistry, surgery and lab-works. Specific dental  implants costs can be greatly more or less than that figure, depending upon various factors, like technology, brand or system. To determine dental  implant prices, include anesthesia, pre- and post-operative care, surgical facility fees, medications, and of course the dental implant cost for the implant itself.

Depending in your country, indurance and health system in which this kind of dental surgery is conducted, the dental  implant costs for identical procedures can vary enormously. Other factors to consider when comparing different dental implant prices include the reputation and experience of the oral surgeon, and the quality of care and material. The primary goal should be to obtain the best results possible.

No hidden fees and "extra" charges .

Prospective bone augmentation patients should consider the dental implant price as only one part of the whole.

Consider rapport, experience, facilities, dental implant price, and reputation as equal parts of the decision. Do not be shy; discuss dental implant costs early on and ask questions about what services and materials. Ask if the dentist office offers financing that covers the dental implant prices, or if they work with a certain finance company. Make sure that the  costs are within your price range before you sign any paperwork, and don't be afraid if dental  implant prices seem suspiciously high or low to ask questions or simply leave the office.




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